Venice | Biennale | Shim Eco

Open call for ecological topic art 
midnight – online

Art shipping : June 15th to July 4st
Personal drop July 3rd to Jully 5th
Centro espositivo San Vidal (for ARTVI2M)
campo San Zaccaria – 30122 Venezia – 
+39 0415234602

Opening July 6rd at noon
Private viewing July 14th from 5pm to 8pm – awards ceremony

Closing September 10th
Deinstall september 10the to 11th
Art pick up: September 10, 5pm to 7pm. September 11st & 12, noon to 5pm.
Shipping in and out at artists expense !

Plastic art | video art | performance art

July 6th – September 10th 2022

HQ printed catalog, one copy per artist. preorders at preferential price the Artivist Lion price will be awarded publicly July 14th. Saturnia Film Festival – Art Section official selection will be publicly announced July 14th.


Several dates to be announced for public events with Shim Eco Performance and ecological documentaries presented by Saturnia Film Festival

Art critic

Francesca Brandes


specialised in culture, will cover the art show and its events. All artists will be named in the list in alphabetical order and general photos will be promoted.

*The special communication pack secures the emphasis of certain selected works with illustrations and name presence within the press release and catalog text.


The gallery will accept only bank transfers. All taxes are to be payed by the sender. After selection confirmation the artist will register his work and the transfer proof on the gallery site. A bill and a confirmation mail will be provided to  The Artist after review of details.

The gallery will manipulate and install the art with professionalism, making sure each artist receives the best visibility for the work. There are two spaces, the curators will organise the installation for the general best interest.

The art show will be promoted on Artsy by Shim Art Network and in local newspapers by the Gallery. Bilboards will appear in the city two weeks prior and during the art show.

The Artist will provide work ready to be hanged or with special installation information, when needed.

The gallery will edit and print a catalog presenting all selected art – one copy per artist. The catalog will be sold at the gallery. Please pre-order the extra copies you wish to receive. If the catalog/s cannot be integrated in the art packaging, shipping will be charged.

The Artist is shipping in and out at its own expenses with a pre-payed return mailing option. If dropped directly at the gallery, please make sure you provide the packaging and the preferred pre-payed return mailing option.

The gallery will use for mailing the same packaging the art piece came into. If a new packaging is necessary please make sure to make it arrive at the gallery with the name and the art title from September 1st to September 10th. The gall ery cannot stock art.

The gallery will provide a printable label to be attached on the
back of the work. In case this is difficult,  The Artist will send the label inside the package.

The Artist decides the price of the work.

The Artist is asked to provide 300dpi American letter size photography of the works titled : artist-name-art-title-size-in-cm. In tiff or jpg format. In the registration form to describe accurately the techniques used.  The Artist is obliged to send the selected works within the designated dates. If changes have to be made due to extreme situations, it has to be pre-approved, in time, by the curation committee. (In case the catalog is already made, the initial work will be printed. If the art piece does not arrive in time the Gallery cannot promise its installation, it will be shipped back asap. No artist can be refunded. )

Each artist has to register here before Jenaury 31 2022 Mebership form
Each artist has to send an email before January 31 2022 to with this mandatory informations: 
  • 1 – name of the artist
  • 2 – legal name of the artist
  • 3 – title of the work
  • 4 – Dimensions of the work
  • 5 – Techinc of the work
  • 6 – Art critic text when available 
  • 7 – Work statement of the artist (maximum 300 words)
  • 8 – 1 to 3 images catalogue ready 300 dpi largest side 30cm (11,5 inches). In case the work is not ready please specify in the email that you will send the catalogue ready images by March 15
  • 9 – Bank transfer proof 
  • 10 – The artist must write in this email: “sending this email I read and I agree with the art-show regulations”
  • 11 – attached to the email the membership form signed 

Saturnia Film Festival

July 28th to 31st 2022
Jury president
Paolo Orlando Medusa Film

•  official selection of 15 art shorts from the 30 present at Artivism show for the art film section
•  participation of the 15 selected films during the Saturnia Film Festival in competition in the art section. Presence art show, from September July 28th to September 15th. The films should not exceed 10’

Artivist Awards

Artivist Lion Awards 
*Lionceau (up to 26 years old)
*Shim Eco Award
All awards and the art film
selection for the SFF will be
announced to the artists prior to opening.

*The Artivist Award

the Artivist Award will be selected and announced the last evening of the 3 performing dates. All winners will be featured in the-EDGE-mag and receive one year on Shim Art Network, with possibility to automatically register to many art shows. All winers will be in the el SFF show.

*the awards existence depends on the sponsors and patrons participation.


Unicredit, Ag: San Marco Venezia SV
IBAN space: IT 27 O 02008 02017 000105585805
Reason: expense contribution exhibition Artivism

Shim Eco will transport the selected art to the next events. Big size art might be subject to Artist’s participation.

Shim Eco can provide local printing and framing contacts on request. We did test them for you but we cannot be responsible for delays or misunderstandings.

Participation fee

Open call for ecological topic art from December 1st to February 20th on Shim Art Network – participation fee 25 €

participation fee after selection:
Tiny art 80€
Art Group please contact a curator for the offers
paintings, sculptures, prints and installations 450€
video art 300€
performance art 200€
(if present in another category a performance registration is free)

the special communication pack* :
+ 250€ per category – it is optional and secures the emphasis of the artist with illustrations and name presence within the press release text. The billboard will be created with one of these pieces.

Organisers Partners

If you received this file you are part of the early bird program. Your work will be preselected bythe curators team. Please send your proposal via mail as an answer to this, by January 10 2022.Once confirmed you will register before January 31st, 2022, on your personal link provided bythe gallery.

The early birds are offered the special communication pack & two catalogs.