A new artistic project entitled “Nebulae” opens from October 17th.
An ambitious project consisting of the participation of numerous artists, who work with both traditional and experimental arts and who will be selected by the management of the space for the publication of their work within a valuable volume.
A unique opportunity to give talented artists the opportunity to appear in a rich volume, accompanied by a critical preface, which will be distributed and available for consultation in the most important cultural realities such as foundations, libraries and national and foreign museums.
The will is to want to think with a positive spirit of a year dedicated to art, letting ourselves be carried away by the various sensitivities and expressions that today’s artists combine to represent their vision of the world and the future.
By Nebulae we mean those extraordinary and evanescent nebulae that in astronomy include interstellar agglomerates, fascinating trails of colors that remind us how much life is extremely evolving. Some are formed thanks to the gravitational collapse but in our concept linked to the artistic project, we want to dwell for a moment on the planetary nebulae. They originate following the death of a star, from the remains of a supernova or from the transformation into white dwarfs.

We thus understand that when an entity approaches a process of transformation, nature causes incredible phenomena to be generated that we humans perceive as extraordinary, spectacular and incredibly attractive. In this, art follows nature and captures, plumbs and promotes a succession of aesthetic transformations to become the visual bearer of profound changes and drastic reversals. A comparison and reflection that we want to put to the artists, who in this historical moment so complex and extremely enigmatic to elaborate, can find the way to transform or document the current state of the world and of art. A long journey through the nebula that is not fog that obscures the future, but energy that generates changes, stimuli and reflections on prevailing aesthetics, on the concept of crisis and on the strength of beauty which, as Space teaches us, gives us hope and eyes. enchanted to look at the rebirth.

– Format  21 x 27.5 cm
– Hardcover
– Inner matte paper 200 gr
– A dedicated two page for artist with high definition four-color image of the work, with data and contacts
– Italian / English texts
– Critical speeches by Francesca Catalano, Silvia Previti, Alessio Musella, Giorgio Pilla.
– One volume per artist, any other paid copies (30 euros each)
– The volume ready for May / June 2021 can be collected on site or sent on request with the shipping costs charged to the applicant.
– Part of the copies will be reserved for the major Fond. and Italian and foreign museums.A

foto simulazione catalogo

– The application is open to all artists, without limits of age, sex, nationality or other qualification.
– Each artist can participate by presenting the photo of the unpublished or unedited work. The theme is free.
– The accepted techniques are: Painting, Sculpture, Graphics, Photography, Digital Art.
– Sending photos of the work by email in jpeg format, 300 dpi, RGB, optimized and not exceeding 4 Mb

Membership: € 100
The fee constitutes a partial contribution towards the realization of the volume
(including membership fee)