Felice Carena (1879 - 1966)

The history inherited by SPAZIO SV - San Vidal Exhibition Center has very distant origins in time, as far back as the late 1940s.
The space derives from the previous association of the "San Vidal Art Center" of the Venice section.
In 1949 the painter Maestro Felice Carena (Cumiana, Turin 1879 - Venice 1966) gave birth to the "Cenacolo San Vidal," of which he was the first president, housed in the old church of San Vidal (not open for worship), first in the sacristy under the name of "Galleria San Vidal," and then also in the large hall of the church. As early as 1949 an important exhibition of liturgical art and crafts was held there.
Then in the 1960s, the distinguished art critic and journalist of the "Gazzettino" Paolo Rizzi (Venice 1932-2007) and the painter Maestro Ernani Costantini (Venice 1922-2007), councilor and president of the section, respectively, started the "San Vidal Art Center," which was also the name of the association.
The activity of the Gallery and Center, since 1958 has been coordinated with decisive professional input by Visual Arts Director Giorgio Fabbiani, who has enlightened a host of Artists with his organizational skills, deep spirituality and humanity in advising and encouraging.
In the 1990s, the San Vidal Art Center changed location and moved from the Church of San Vidal to the former Scoletta of San Zaccaria.

In the history of exhibitions at the St. Vidal Art Center, there are to be mentioned such artists as Felice Carena, Virgilio Guidi, Bruno Saetti, Saverio Rampin, Tancredi Parmeggiani, Giorgio De Chirico, Ottone Rosai, Carlo Carrà, Massimo Campigli, Felice Casorati, Marco Novati, Marzio Banfi, Neno Mori, Giampaolo Domestici, Francesco Valma, Miro Romagna, Carlo Dalla Zorza, Remo Brindisi, Georg Rouault, Pietro Annigoni, and many other artists of national and international renown.

Since 2018, with the new management, renovation work has been done on the space, specifically a modernization of the exhibition rooms on the two floors that has made the gallery more up-to-date, with the intention of achieving greater enjoyment of the exhibitions while remaining respectful and appreciative of the historic venue.

2019 brings the birth of "SPACE SV," which retains its traditional physical space but at the same time renews it with more experimental intentions.

Today SPAZIO SV is to be considered autonomous in the management of the activities offered throughout the year. From traditional art exhibitions that will always pose as a bridge of reflection between tradition and contemporaneity, to activities with the mode of workshops, presentations with literary or artistic themes, debates.
The aim is to address a wider audience, which can embrace the younger ones without forgetting to involve Venetian residents as well, offering the opportunity to have access to a "space" where ideas can circulate freely and creativity can be fostered.