The SV Space supports and assists the development of artists in the contemporary scene through the creation of solo and group exhibitions with curatorial and promotional activities.
In addition to the field of events, there is also a sector within the association entirely dedicated to artists for their promotion, which deals, through careful consulting, with the creation of general catalogs, texts for critical presentations, press releases, biographies and interviews created ad hoc.
With the collaboration of professionals in the field of curating and art criticism, along with graphic designers and photographers, the service of designing customized websites, creating graphics for business cards, flyers, brochures, posters, etc., and photo campaigns for digitizing works is available.
All this always taking into account the different needs of the artist, assisting with professionalism and attention from the very beginning in the search for the most appropriate and authentic image for each one.
  • Group and solo exhibitions
  • Programming and implementation of art events
  • Conception, design, setting up
  • Artist biographies
  • Critical presentations
  • Event Reviews
  • Conducting interviews
  • Publications
  • Artists' personal dossiers (review of critical texts, bibliographies)
  • Graphic design, printing and dissemination of promotional materials (posters, playbills, brochures, flyers, banners etc.)
  • Production of web and print catalogs
  • Photo campaigns
  • Web site realization
  • Social media/network management
  • Production of podcasts and video interviews