From 2 to 11 April 2023

Vernissage Saturday 1 April, 5 pm
from Tuesday to Sunday 10.30 – 12.30 / 16.00 – 19.00 closed on Mondays
Free admission

Bianca Beghin

His personal “Sinfonie” will be inaugurated on Saturday 01 April 2023 at 17:00, an exhibition that will allow to highlight the personality and aspects of the artist’s intimate and creative thought, in the hope that it will have a useful driving force to allow him to know his art, a perennial witness of his legacy of values.

-“Trees are like us: “roots on the ground and head towards the sky”. In addition to allowing life, they are also the perfect “metaphor”, the breath of the soul that refers to existence. They are the essence of the human being, which the plant world extraordinarily embodies, as the artist Bianca Beghin knows how to embody. The poetic trait of its color becomes a sign that changes from a representation of reality, to give space to informal games in which the artist seems to bring together overwhelming emotions and inner calm. Colors that recall the attachment to the earth, to life, to suggest that the artist wishes for an even deeper reconciliation and “symphony” between man and nature. Colors that look like segments of earth, of trees, scraps of nature to cling to, to which to give different lights and languages. His pictorial symphonies are imbued with poetry and chromatic melodies. The cornerstone of his art is “the real” visible to the eye but understandable in its depth and entirety only with the help of the feelings that reside in his paintings described by colours, gestures and expressions accompanied by the charm of a musical silence. Each pictorial touch encloses a symbolic silence, in which man rediscovers himself, rediscovering that hidden detail which is the “quid” of his existence in the world, and Bianca Beghin’s art is the very dense aid for the soul . Symphonies, poetry and painting refer to his narrative art, in which everyone can recognize their own intimate detail.”-

Lucia Spolverini