From 17 June to 9 July 2023

Opening Saturday 17 June, 6pm
from Tuesday to Sunday 10.30am – 12.30pm / 4.00pm – 7.00pm closed on Mondays
Free admission

Marzio Banfi, Teresa Bellini, Agnese Domenica Bianco, Luisella Caffieri, Antonella Carraro, Giusi Farina, Massimo Ferri, Paola Martina, Julie Redivo, Beatrice Roman, Bollani, Graziano Sozza, Josefina Temin

Spazio SV presents the collective exhibition “Undefined Rooms”, dedicated to informal art, in conjunction with the Venice Architecture Biennale.
The exhibition will be held from 17 June to 9 July and will be a unique opportunity to explore the world of informal art and discover new forms of expression linked to the concept of undefined space.
Informal art developed in the 1940s, in a historical context marked by the Second World War and great social and economic transformations.
Artists try to free themselves from the rules and conventions of traditional art and create a new expressive language, which is based on spontaneity and randomness. Informal art has the characteristic of having overcome the idea of space in painting, therefore representing a moment of great innovation and openness towards new forms of expression.
A revolutionary liberation, both philosophically and artistically, a real way of conceiving the space of the work.

Indefinite spaces, new rooms of knowledge and creation. This is intended to be the new way of reflection and inspiration for today’s artists, protagonists in an era where one apparently feels free but at the same time, more or less unconsciously, walls, borders and barriers are raised, defining limits that momentarily they reassure but in truth they increasingly isolate and damage.