From 18 December 2021 to 9 January 2022

Vernissage Saturday 18 December, 5 pm
Hours: 10.30 – 12.30 / 16.00 – 19.00
closed on Mondays
24-25-26-31 December
01 and 06 January

Free admission

SPACE SV – San Vidal Exhibition Center will host the collective exhibition entitled “The invisible world” from 18 December to 09 January. The second event of a trilogy dedicated to the comparison between figuration, abstraction and photography.

The evolution of the term “light room” allows us, through its own history, to focus attention on what the image reproduced today is. Originally, as a device prior to photography, the light camera created a tangible relationship between the model to be represented, the prism that allowed it to be projected onto the paper, and the artist could reproduce it: a concrete, artisanal relationship that allowed the luxury of fix a moment of reality with a fidelity, however, always mediated by the living “sign”. With the advent of the camera, reproduction has become mechanical, and the power of a subject that can be transformed into a replicable object, an object that would potentially exist and could never replicate was examined with extreme clarity by Roland Barthes: an object that was unequivocal testimony of a moment. undeniably existed, an untouched past immortalized in its essence of reality, and in the only arbitrable element to which in the feeling aroused in whoever looked. The essence of the photographer as analyzed by Barthes has in fact been emptied of meaning by technological evolution: the “clear room / lightroom” has now become the possibility of modifying, altering, subverting that moment that from motionless has become infinitely manipulable . A transformation that has made the boundary between image and reality open to countless possibilities of variation, discovering it can be explored, superimposed and deceptive: that objectivity – the really existed – that for Barthes was the clear point between photography and painting, can no longer be for us a reference, and in this ambiguity there is the need to read today the reciprocal relationship between pictorial subjectivity and photographic relationship.


  • graphic design, printing and distribution of brochures, invitations, posters, banners.
  • advert in local paper newspaper
  • two-sided catalog for each artist 24×17 cm (biographical pg and work)
  • event advertising specialized
  • sites promotion on social networks (facebook, instagram, newsletter)
  • a rich mail list with which we will contact (collectors, art lovers, journalists, etc.)
  • photographic documentation of the vernissage, of the rooms and works inaugural buffet  (according to anti-covid rules)
  • presentation of the critic
  • setting up and dismantling


  • Volume format 17 x 24 cm
  • flexible cover
  • Internal matt paper 200 gr
  • A dedicated page for each
  • artist with a high definition
  • four-color image of the work
  • A page with biographical
  • text and social / web contacts
  • Introductory text by Costanza Rizzardo
  • The volume can be collected on site or sent on request with the shipping costs to be paid by the applicant.
  • The catalog will be published at the end of the exhibition trilogy (indicatively end of December)
  • Part of the copies will be reserved for some museums in the area.


  •  participation fee 150.00 Euro + 20 membership card (compulsory card for non-members).


  • Unicredit, Ag: San Marco Venezia SV
    IBAN space: IT 27 O 02008 02017 000105585805
    swift: UNCRITMM

Reason: expense contribution exhibition Camera chiara 


  •  The work must be sent to Spazio SV, Scoletta San Zaccaria campo San Zaccaria 30122 Venice – tel: 041 5234602 – cell. 3497745190
  •  It is recommended to pack the work / s properly, in order to avoid damaging its integrity.
  • The return of the works will take place within max 20 days from the end of the exhibition, upon agreement with the artist. The cost of shipping the works is borne by the artist.
  • It is possible to pay the cost in installments: 1st installment upon receipt of registration – 2nd during the period of the exhibition